Success stories of MO RIDES CENTRAL mobility coordinator, Anthony Nichols

March 30, 2016 ~ In less than 6 months, MO Rides Central Missouri Mobility Coordinator Anthony Nichols has successfully linked nearly 100 residents in our 8 county region for a variety of transportation needs, and by a variety of diverse methods. The following is a brief summary of several cases, to show how mobility management is serving its community.

Demographic: Senior
County: Cooper
Case: Nurse from Village Meadows Senior Home’s in Boonville called requesting services for her senior client to health appointments. After research, MO RIDES CENTRAL discovered three potential options for the client, finally settling on local provider, Katy Flyer. Upon follow-up, client thanked us for our services and stated they will continue to utilize services for ongoing needs. Case logged for data collection and closed.

Demographic: Disabled
County: Audrain
Case: Following a referral from Home Health Agency, cancer patient and wheelchair-bound client called requiring a life-equipped vehicle for inter-county travel from her home in Mexico to appointments in Columbia. Working with both the client and her caseworker, who stated they had exhausted all their known options and were desperate for help, the caller was successfully linked them to Services For Independent Living.

Demographic: General
County: Callaway
Case: Client saw MO RIDES flyer inside of JCMG building. She requires rides from her home in Holts Summit to Jefferson City. After research of public transit routes revealed it could not serve her based on location, collaboration with OATS, INC.  resulted in the opportunity for this client to ride on their fixed route days.

Demographic: Low-Income, Mental Health Disability
County: Boone
Case: This client was referred inter-agency from our CMCA offices in Columbia and was seeking services with our family advocate to meet his requirement of court ordered placement into a Rehabilitation Center over 2 hours away in Cape Girardeau. No resources existed for this trip outside of Greyhound bus travel, which proved to be the real barrier as no funding was available for this trip. A Catholic church in his destination city of Cape Girardeau supplied benevolent funds to secure the bus ticket to assure his arrival. 