Bluff Area Transit Service (BATS)

Bluff Area Transit Service (BATS)
PO BOX 679 Fredericktown, MO 63645
City/County Transportation, Public Transportation


Bluff Area Transit Service (BATS) has served the city of Poplar Bluff since 2000.

Service Area: BATS operates two buses on deviated fixed routes consisting of four alternating loops.

Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm

Single Ride: $1 per person per boarding
All-Day Pass: $3 per person for unlimited boarding for the day of purchase.
All-Day Family Pass: $6 for up to 5 people in a group, unlimited boardings for the day of purchase. All persons in the group must board and deboard at the same locations at the same times.
Prepaid Punch Cards: $10 for 12 boardings (2 free boardings), $20 for 26 boardings (6 free boardings).

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes