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Disabled Transportation Program

The City of O’Fallon has contracted with ZipCare Transportation LLC to provide disabled transportation to eligible O’Fallon residents. The following essential living appointments may be provided: medical appointments, grocery shopping, personal care shopping and banking. Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available upon request. Riders must schedule their transportation 48 hours in advance. To schedule a ride, please call 314-292-7302 ext. 380, or go to www.zipcaretransportation.com, and click on “Schedule A Ride” and submit the request form.

For more information, please call ZipCare Transportation at 314-292-7302.

O’Fallon continues its Disabled Transportation Program

Legally-disabled O’Fallon residents who cannot drive may be eligible for a limited number of free rides to medical appointments, banks, and grocery and personal care shopping through the City’s Disabled Transportation Program.“For adults with disabilities who are unable to drive, the program helps with essential living appointments and offers a measure of independence in their lives,” said Alexis Jaegers, O’Fallon’s Public Assistance Specialist.In order to assist as many residents as program funds allow, the rides are limited to two round trips per person per month. Pick-up sites must originate in O’Fallon City limits and destinations must be in St. Charles County.

To schedule a ride, residents should contact the service provider, ZipCare Transportation, at least 48 hours in advance by calling 314-292-7302 ext. 380. Or, a request can be submitted online through the company’s website, www.zipcaretransportation.com.

To qualify for the ride program, residents will need to show legal proof of Social Security disability, such as a copy of the award letter and/or their Medicare part A and B card. Residents also will need photo identification with proof of their O’Fallon address, and a copy of a current utility bill such as a bill for phone, gas, electric, water or trash collection.

For more information, visit www.ofallon.mo.us/disabled-transportation-program or contact Ms. Jaegers at 636-379-5411 OR ajaegers@ofallon.mo.us.