10604 West State Hwy E, Potosi, MO 63664
Car/Van Service, Individuals with Disabilities, Medicaid Eligible, Wheelchair Accessible
Kelly Anders 844-836-7433

Service Area:  Routes Vary.   Usually off of major roads:   North 21; 47 East to Richwoods;  F Hwy & 8 West Highway;    These support opportunities are offered both on site, at 10604 West State Highway E in Potosi, MO., and offsite within Potosi and surrounding communities.

Services Available:  Trips include Center Day Services, Medical, Errands, Work & Volunteer

Who Can Ride:    The Washington County Senate Bill 40 Board in cooperation with The Department of Mental Health fund this needed resource for residents of Washington County who have a developmental disability and have a qualifying need.  Transportation is provided for employment and day service attendance.  Individuals attending the Onsite Day Service at The Pam Dudley Center are provided transportation to and from the service each day of operation.  Individuals who qualify also receive transportation to and from work.  Many of those individuals work at Enhancements Sheltered Workshop in Potosi.  Some also work competitively in the community of Potosi.  Most transportation is on a scheduled route, however some transportation is provided to individuals who qualify to enable them to attend work during “non-business hours”. 
Payments accepted include Cash, Check or Medicaid Benefits.

Availability:  Monday through Friday

Hours:  8 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Special arrangements can be made to accomodate “non business hours” rides to work.

Vehicles:   Vans, Buses and Passenger  (32 vehicles available)

Wheelchair Accessible:   Yes